Valentine’s Pieces for Under $35 (That You Will Want To Wear Year-Round)

I typically don’t buy a ton of holiday-specific clothing because I like being able to rewear and restyle my clothes year-round. One of the reasons I love the clothes in today’s post is because these pieces are budget friendly, perfect for Valentine’s Day, and have tons of year-round potential.


I typically don’t buy a ton of holiday-specific clothing because I like being able to rewear my clothes year-round — the idea of fast fashion is appealing sometimes, but I try to make sure I’m spending wisely and getting versatile pieces that I can style differently and wear over and over again. That’s one of the reasons I love the clothes in today’s post. These pieces are budget friendly, perfect for Valentine’s Day, and have tons of year-round potential.

The Dressed Down Valentine

My first few casual pieces come from everyone’s favorite store — Target. I saw the red raglan on Target’s instagram a few weeks ago, but by the time I made my way to my local Target, my size was gone. Still, I’m obsessed with this shirt, and I would absolutely wear is all year long. Instead of the raglan, I bought the grey Mickey and Minnie tee. I featured this one on my Instagram the first time I wore it, and it got a pretty enthusiastic response. I’m not sure if it is because of the super cute Mickeys and Minnies in various poses (including smooching) or because I shared the price, but I’m not surprised — it’s soft, cute, comfy, and I will definitely be wearing this beyond Valentine’s Day.

Although I didn’t purchase either the Aladdin and Jasmine or the Wall-E and Eve  shirts, had I seen them, I absolutely would have. I hope they are restocked in stores soon, because the more I look at them, the more I wish they were in my closet!

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A few of my other favorite casual looks are from Amazon (I’m mildly addicted to online shopping).

I’ve seen a lot of really cute sweaters with heart elbow patches popping up this season, but the’ve all been a little pricier than I would care to pay. Luckily, I found some very cute and inexpensive options on Amazon.

The first sweater is a soft grey knit sweater with fuzzy white heart patches on the elbows. I’m usually a medium and purchased the sweater in my regular size, but I like my sweaters to be a bit baggier, so I probably should have ordered a large. Still, it is soft and cozy, and I see myself wearing this through the rest of winter.

The second item is another pullover with heart elbow patches, but this one has a little bit of a nautical feeling, in my opinion. It’s white with black stripes and red trim and heart patches. It is still subtly Valentinesy, which means I can wear this all year long. Plus, it’s very lightweight, and I can see this being a very easy winter to spring transition piece.

Lastly, I bought what I am lovingly referring to as my Care Bear Sweater. This one is probably the most overtly Valentine’s Day, but I can see myself wearing it earlier in the winter too. It’s just too cute. It’s simple and it’s soft, and it truly makes me feel Care Bearesque, and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d get to write.

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The Dressed Up Valentine

I love a good reason to dress up, and I have some really great pieces that are affordable and that can be styled to work for any occasion.

The first dress is a black floral dress that I absolutely adore. It’s from a boutique called Francesca’s (one of my favorite shops), but I got it on clearance a few months ago and they’re sold out. Amazon has some look alikes in the same style, but different colors.

The second look is one of my favorites. I’m crazy about a good retro/pinup look, and this look is feminine and romantic and perfect for a Valentine’s Day date, dinner, or for any occasion that you’re feeling a little old Hollywood glam. If you’re looking for a dress in this style that will be delivered sooner, I found a few similar styles on Amazon.

Another style I love is a whimsical tulle skirt. Look number three is a skirt also from Francesca’s, but because I have a tendency to shop sales, this skirt is long gone too. Fortunately, this Amazon apricot tulle skirt is available on Amazon Prime and is less than I paid for mine!

Lastly, because we’ve been facing SUCH cold weather in LA this month, I threw in one more piece, a pink knit cardigan... with pockets! I’ve been practically living in the sweater since I bought it. It’s a little oversized, which I love, and it’s the perfect shade of pink that I can (and do) wear it with just about anything for a touch of cozy femininity.

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I am so excited about each of these pieces because of how easily I can dress them up or down and how easily they can be called Valentine’s Day pieces, but still be outfits for any other occasion.

I hope you like these looks and find something for your own Valentine’s Day date or night in!

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  1. Love this post! Thank you for taking the leg work out of shopping for some of us less-inspired individuals. Bonus points for being able to buy them from my sofa in my pj’s! ❤ 😉

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