7 Amazon Boots Under $35

I get a lot of compliments on my shoes, and no one can ever believe that I get most of them on Amazon! Not all of my Amazon shoe purchases have been winners, but I’ve rounded up my favorite Amazon boots under $35 (complete with links).


I’m kind of really addicted to online shopping, finding deals, and shoes. Luckily for me, Amazon is my one-stop fix for all of these addictions.

I get a lot of compliments on my shoes, and no one can ever believe that I get most of them on Amazon! Not all of my Amazon shoe purchases have been winners, but I’ve rounded up my favorite Amazon boots under $35 (complete with links).

These are shoes that I truly love to wear. They’re inexpensive and comfortable enough to wear all day in my classroom. It should be noted that I was diagnosed with bilateral plantar fasciitis a few years ago and I still get occasional arch pain, so it’s taken me some time to come back to wearing heels even semi-regularly. When I do wear heels, they need to be comfortable.

Below are a list of my favorite boots and booties from Amazon. As of today, they are still all in stock (depending on your size) and all available on Prime. Please note that the price listed is the price I paid. If you choose a different color, the price may change.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 9.47.58 PM.png


  1. Breckelle’s Stacked Chunky Heel Peep Toe Bootie ($25) – I purchased these boots last spring, and I adore them. I like the peep toe and the light tan color makes ankle boot super versatile – this color goes with just about anything!
  2. Nature Breeze Faux Suede Thigh High Chunky Heel Boot ($30) – I bought these last winter and wear them when it’s really cold out which, in LA, is admittedly not all that often. What I love about these boots is how unbelievably soft and warm they are. These over the knee boots are great with dresses during the winter, and sometimes I’ll pair them with skinny jeans and a sweater. Because of the ties that keep them above the knee, the length is adjustable, so if you want to fold them down and wear them just below the knee, they still look super cute and will stay in place.
  3. Reneeze Stacked Heel Side Zipper Ankle Booties ($26) – These boots are some of my most worn shoes. I love them because they are a low heel, which is great for my plantar fasciitis. It’s a suede finish and they can easily be worn with a cuffed jean or be dressed up with a dress and textured tights.
  4. Forever Link Mango Boot ($25) – I practically live in these boots during the cooler months! I bought my first pair of these boots in the winter of 2014. When I went to an icy Germany the following spring, they kept my feet warm and dry. Finally, in the spring of 2018, the sole was coming unglued from the bottom on the boot. I was honestly surprised they lasted this long! I bought another pair, and I plan to wear these to death too.

  5. Cambridge Lace-up Stacked Block Heel Ankle Bootie ($35) – Fewer things make me feel more confident in my style choices than outfit compliments from teenage girls, and whenever I wear these boots, my female students ask me where I got them. They’re more comfortable that they appear, and they’re another boot that goes with just about anything. They add an air of sophistication and style to even the most basic outfit of a tee, cardigan, and jeans.
  6. Nature Breeze Block Heel Ankle Booties ($29) The word that comes to mind with these boots is “sleek.” There’s something about these boots that makes me feel very polished and put together. I love the rich color and the soft suede finish. I mostly wear these in the fall, and while they are not the most comfortable of the lot, they are still comfortable enough for me to walk around campus all day or walk the two blocks to our favorite sushi spot on date nights.
  7. Bella Marie Bradee Women’s Side Zip Stacked Block Heel Ankle Booties ($22) – These are the newest boots to the bunch. I’ve only worn them a handful of times, and I was hesitant to purchase them. Believe it or not, I have more boots in my closet than I’m letting on here (this is just the Amazon roundup!), and I debated whether or not I needed another pair of brown booties. After much deliberation, I hit the “buy now” button and added what I believe to be a necessary pair of closed-toed, low-heeled tan booties to the collection. I’m glad I did. I’m wearing them now and think these are a definite winter to spring transition boot.

And there you have it — the majority of my Amazon boot collection on display.

Enjoy, and happy shopping!

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  1. I am super excited that you posted this! I’ve been needing to update my boots. I have a pair of Steve Maddens that have lasted me 6 years(and still going strong). My black knee highs are about ready to be tossed!

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