2022 Goals and Vision Board

I have some ambitious plans for 2022! Explore my 2022 Vision Board and see how I plan to reach the goals I’m setting for myself this year.

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For the past few years I’ve done an end of the year recap including some of my “best of” and a photo gallery, but I’m not feeling it this year tbh. I know that reflecting is an integral part of goal-setting and looking ahead, but if you don’t mind, I’ll skip the formal reflection this year.

Instead, let’s get right down to it: my 2022 Vision Board.

I always tell myself that I’ll make a vision board, but I never do. This year, however, I really leaned into Canva and created a digital vision board. (If you want a quick tutorial on how I made it, click here.) I thought about the main goals and aspirations I have for myself this year (not resolutions… never resolutions), and organized them visually. Of course, because I’m me, I couldn’t stop at visuals alone. I need clearly-written goals to keep me on track as well. So let’s break this bad boy down.


This year I really want to focus on making adjustments to my career. I’ve realized over the last few years that I’m working harder than I should or need to. I’m drained, exhausted, depleted. I need a change.

I suffer from teacher guilt and, an empath, too much of my brain and heart are taken up with worry and fear, and it’s not longer manageable. In 2022, something needs to change. I’m not 100% sure what that change is yet, but, as the mantra text in my Career corner says, “I am open to opportunity… I am ready for bigger and better things.”

Perhaps this is the year that takes me out of the classroom, or perhaps this is the year something simply clicks and I find the balance, creativity, and freedom I’ve been wishing for. The Career section of my vision board (and my life) is what’s consuming most of my energy and anxiety right now. I know change is necessary, but it’s also scary. I’m still working through what exactly “change” means, but it will need to include comfort, balance, creativity, writing, and fulfillment. Hope this isn’t too tall of an order for 2022.


On Christmas day of 2021, I launched my Etsy shop, finally sharing the journal that I dreamt up so long ago. The initial response has been so overwhelmingly positive — as of this moment, I’ve sold 18 out of my 20 available preorders and have plans to officially launch soon!

My business goals this year are multifaceted. They’re ambitious, but I think achievable. I don’t want to just stop at selling what I have, so I plan to expand my Etsy offerings and increase sales, with a goal of reaching $1,000 in sales this year. I also plan to expand my brand, taking TheEverydayKay to a new level with content creation, copy writing, and influencer marketing. My goal here is to earn $1,200 in brand partnerships and collaborations. Additionally, I hope to reach 1,500 on Instagram by the end of the year, nearly doubling my audience size.

My ultimate hope is that my Career and Business corners can collide, but that might be overly ambitious for one year. If I fall short on these goals, I’m actually okay with it. I realized they’re lofty, but I’m excited to work toward something this year rather than floundering as a creator, as I feel I have for the last few years.

Our Home

Every year I say that I’m going to spend less and save more. That’s still true, but I want to direct that saving toward something specific and hopefully speak it into existence.

Earlier this year, Chris and I went to a condo viewing. We had talked about purchasing a home for some time, but we had never taken any steps in the direction of purchasing. We met with a realtor and started making a list of must-haves for our future home. Our goal is to buy a townhome or condo and then, one day, purchase his family home.

This year, rather than just “spend less and save more,” I want to actively and intentionally work toward saving for a down payment for a home. The hope is to find something with 2-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an open floor plan, a spacious kitchen, and something that is bright and airy… something to make our home. I know the market sucks a bit right now, but my goal is to be ready to buy when it doesn’t 🏡


Another thing I tell myself annually: I’m going to move my body more.

Yes. BUT I’m also going to learn to love this body better as she is, as I want to take better care of my mind and body overall. I’ve come into a midsize body during this pandemic, and I’m trying to love all the softness and curves. I’m trying to move this body out of love instead of anger or disgust. I’m trying to dress this body in a way that makes me feel proud and confident. I don’t want to punish my body for what she’s not, but love her for what she is.

If you’ve been around a while, you probably know how much I love food. Food is in my DNA. I’ve cooked and baked like my mom and grandmothers before me since before I was tall enough to even see the countertops in the kitchen. That’s not changing. Desserts are not going anywhere. Carbs are still my main food group. But I do want to work on eating the rainbow a bit more… you know, more fresh fruits and veggies, and more variety. Chris and I have been doing a vegetarian night once per week for dinner for months, and I think that’s a step in the right direction, but I need to add more color (natural color, not Doritos Orange or Gummy Bear Red) into my diet. I know my body and mind will thank me for it.

Four categories might not seem like much when it comes to planning intentional growth over the year, but the more I think about these four areas, the more I see how improving each will enrich my life overall. I see how each of these categories will enhance my overall happiness, health, wellbeing, relationships, and success. Most importantly, I feel like these are doable and even though I might not achieve 100% in all areas, I know that I’ll make progress, which is a success in my eyes.

How I Plan to Reach These Goals

So now that I have a vision for my year, I’m done, right?

Nope! I’ve got the big picture, so it’s time to scale back and look at the little steps that will lead me to the end result by creating some bite-sized goals to help me reach my larger goals. If you’ve never heard of SMART Goals, now is the ideal time to get acquainted with them, especially if you’re an overachiever like me who has BIG plans for the year. Here’s a cash course of SMART Goals:

SMART Goals: Definition and Examples | Indeed.com
Click on the image to head to Indeed.com to read a more in-depth description of how to utilize the SMART Goal planning strategy.

I’ll take some time over the next few days to map out the mini goals that will get me from where I am to where I want to end up.

If you’re interested in knowing the smaller steps I’m taking, leave a comment letting me know. I’d be happy to share the steps, and I’ll definitely be sharing updates along the way.

Since most of my updates happen over on Instagram, make sure you’re following me there! If you’re new to the community, drop me a DM letting me know you found me from the blog so I can say hello!

Happy 2022, and here’s to us growing together this year! 🥂

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