Food + Drink Discounts

The following are companies that I use and can confidently recommend to you. I will never recommend a product or service that I do not believe in, so you can trust me when I tell you these companies are fantastic and I’m excited to share some money-saving coupon codes and discount links with you.

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Imperfect Foods delivers fresh produce and meats while reducing food waste. They save foods deemed “imperfect” by grocery stores that would otherwise go to waste and deliver them to their customers. The products vary from week to based on what imperfect produce, pantry staples, snacks, meats, and vegan products are available. The boxes are fully customizable, and the food is delicious. Use my code to save $10 off your first box. Cancel or skip any time.


Winc is a wine delivery service that matches your tastes to the wine they think you’ll enjoy. Your order arrives one a month, and you can skip a month at any time — in other words, there’s no monthly minimum like there is with many other wine clubs. What’s more, is that they offer a money-back guarantee — didn’t like the wine you received? Ship back the bottle and they’ll send you a refund. Try my favorite wine club and get $20 off your first Winc order today when you use my link.

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh has suspended referral codes during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please check back later when they reactivate their referral program.

I LOVE to cook, but sometimes the grocery shopping and prep take more time than I have, and it’s nice to have the hard work done for me. With Hello Fresh, I get fresh, pre-measured ingredients delivered right to my door. The menu options are customizable and the food is great!  Use my link to get $40 off your subscription! Cancel or skip any time.

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Home Chef is another excellent meal kit service we really love. Their menu is more customizable than Hello Fresh, as you can choose your protein with each dish. I highly recommend this service to those whose time is stretched thin around dinner time or those who want to get a little more comfortable in the kitchen. Use my code to get $35 off your subscription. Cancel or skip any time.

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Saucey is an alcohol delivery service that brings wine, beer, spirits, mixers, and snacks right to your door. My orders have always been delivered in under two hours, so you never have to stop the party to run out for more booze. Use my code and save $10 off your first purchase.

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Shipt is a personal shopper service like Instacart. They have a free trial period but goes to a paid subscription after that. They have been a lifesaver during the pandemic, delivering from Vons and Target. Use my code to get $10 off your first order.