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Some of the brands I’ve worked with…

I’m passionate about creating authentic, meaningful, and engaging content that inspires and educates.

The Everyday Kay started as a hobby. I was looking for a creative outlet and ended up finding a place where I could connect with, inspire, educate, and empower others. Since starting, I’ve grown an incredibly loyal and engaged community, and my unique skills, interests, and communication style allows that community to keep growing.

My creative background includes product and food photography, self portraits, the publication of The Everyday Journal (writing, designing, editing, and marketing), light graphic design, a Master of Arts in English Literature, and years as both a classroom teacher and college writing tutor.

I focus on taking a non-toxic positivity and growth mindset approach to create authentic content that empowers and encourages women to grow creatively, confidently, and authentically in their lives and businesses. I provide my audience with accessible and relatable content that educates and empowers through sharing personal experiences, affordable fashion and beauty, food, and social media and business growth tips.

Karissa’s Social Media Stats:

(As of August 2022)

55+ Total Reach

8-9.1% Average Engagement

(Industry Standard Engagement for Audience Size is 2.71%*)

83% US Followers

90% Female Followers

56% Ages 25-34

50+ Email Subscribers

* Source: Demeku, Amanda, et al. “Instagram Industry Benchmarks Report 2022.” Later Social Media Marketing, Later.com, 2022, https://later.com/.

You can view samples of my work here and on my Instagram. To get in touch regarding brand partnerships, events, sponsored posts, UGC, or full media kit and rates, please email hello@the-everyday-kay.com.

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